• Solving each request with care
  • Responsible and always ready to help
  • Tasty food and visible service
  • Solving each request with care

    On the daily job, my goal is to make our guests feel welcome and comfortable at all times. By providing service with full devotion and inspiration, the team and I try our utmost to solve each request with care and a personal touch.

    I value the sincere appreciation I receive from our guests and the management on board. I love C-bed’s culture and enjoy working with everyone. I am happy about the knowledge I have gained working with C-bed throughout the past eight years and hope for much more.

    Kristiana Boldireva
    Hotel Manager

    Kristiana Boldireva Hotel Manager
  • Responsible and always ready to help

    I have served as Captain at C-bed for five years and I feel that there are many good people on board our ships. This includes both crew and guests.  

    I am always available to our guests and ready to help in any way I can. I have pointed out to our partners that we share the same goal and both crew and our guests are working together to make everything run smoothly.

    Looking ahead, I believe it´s very important to keep our well-performing teams together. Colleagues with strong understanding of our operations are the ones who make the difference for our partners.

    I am always ambitious and believe that our solid teamwork will lead to further improvements.

    Jaak Kärm

    Jaak Kärm Captain
  • Tasty food and visible service

    I have been working with C-bed for five years and the high standard of the food and hospitality on board our vessels is highly motivating to me. Everyone always anticipates dinnertime and seeing the satisfaction on the faces of our guests is what makes my day.

    Our service in the restaurant must always be personal and I try to meet our guests’ needs – also when it comes to vegetarian food, allergies, etc.  

    I look forward to continue my work, keep developing our menu, and be even more visible in the restaurant in the future.

    Vagn Olufsen
    Chief Cook

    Vagn Olufsen Chief Cook

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